I want to conduct a research in GENIUS Kurnia, how do I apply?

  1. Fill in the research application form and submit it to GENIUS Kurnia two months prior to the start date of the research.
  2. Apply for the ethics approval from the National Medical Research Register (NMRR) or Educational Planning and Policy Research Division (EPRD) or university. This approval must be submitted along with other documents in order to conduct research in GENIUS Kurnia .
  3. Provide research supervisor’s brief resume and a copy of the research proposal.
  4. Present research proposal for approval.
  5. All documents must be submitted via email ([email protected]) or fax to 03-4026 8281.
  6. Below are the rules and regulations for conducting research in GENIUS Kurnia:
    • Please adhere to the GENIUS Kurnia’s dress code.
    • Applicant are strictly not allowed to take pictures of students in GENIUS Kurnia without a written consent from parents.
    • Applicant are not allowed to take any items (e.g books) from GENIUS Kurnia except for provided notes or brochures.
    • Please do not disturb the intervention or ongoing sessions.
  7. Any breach of confidentiality e.g disclosure of information of GENIUS Kurnia or implementing interventions that does not comply to GENIUS Kurnia’s standard of practice will result in the termination of research.
  8. Applicants must sign an agreement form before starting their research in GENIUS Kurnia.