Transition to School

Transition to school program was established in 2016 which aims to prepare children of GENIUS Kurnia go to school either in inclusion program or special education program. Therefore, GENIUS Kurnia has carried out various activities to help and support children adapting to their new school environment. These activities can help to polish and strengthen their school readiness.

Inhouse Orientation

AAGK are train to wear school uniforms, participate in assembly, purchase of food and drinks at the school canteen, use bathroom which located outside the classroom.

School Orientation

Children of GENIUS Kurnia will apply school readiness skills to real situation in school. They will be divided into different classes and participate in school activities such as assembly, recess time at school canteen, use school toilet, join lesson in classroom or music room. These activities give children opportunities to socialize with typical students and indirectly develop their social interaction skills.

Parents Training

GENIUS Kurnia also organize training program to parents and they have invited representative from Kuala Lumpur education department to share more about the school registration procedures. It can guide parents the proper step to register and enroll their children in public school. Besides that, parents have the opportunity to learn the skills children need before or after stating school.

Placement Evaluation

This evaluation consists of different experts from the KKM and Special Education Service Center (3PK). This assessment aims to ensure AAGK who are nominated to mainstream classes had met the criteria. Besides that, the experts will also provide suggestions and opinions to support and help children succeed in the mainstream class.

Shadow Aides Training

The role of shadow aides is very important to support special needs children in the mainstream classes. GENIUS Kurnia conduct Shadow Aides Training and provides them theoretical knowledge with practical learning in the classroom. This training aims to develop, improve shadow aides skills and help them provide appropriate way to educate special children in an inclusive educational setting.

School Visits

At the beginning of school, AAGK might take some time to adapt to the new environment. GENIUS Kurnia interventionist’s understand challenges teacher might face when working with these children and we will provide consultation and information during school visit.