The Parents and Interventionist Society (PIBI)  is an association for parents and interventionist at GENIUS Kurnia. PIBI aims to encourage mutual cooperation between parents and GENIUS Kurnia to increase the development and achievement of children with autism. It was officially registered under the Registry of Societies Malaysia on 14 March 2016. There will be various events organized by PIBI throughout the year to create awareness.


  1. To hold forums and services for the welfare and progress children at GENIUS Kurnia.
  2. To encourage collaboration between parents and interventionist for the well being of the children and growth of GENIUS Kurnia.
  3. To provide opportunities for interventionist and parents to exchange ideas, sharing information and introduce ways to improve autism learning.
  4. To ensure children receive the maximum support from their guided learning and facilities.
  5. To ensure children have the relevant sources to carry out activities at the centre and home.
  6. To create a healthy environment for the children to achieve their goals holistically.


CaknaAutisma™ is created by PIBI as a symbol of unity for parents and interventionists. The “puzzle-teddy bear” logo has become a supporting brand for PIBI’s effort in advocating for autism awareness. It is widely used by PIBI during event programmes and fundraising.