Autism Awareness Month ( AAM) is carried out in April each year. The main aim is to create awareness and support for autistic persons and their family. Since its inception in 2015, GENIUS Kurnia Centre has unfailingly organized annual events in support for AAM.

This April, we are collaborating with various stakeholders virtually to engage the public through My Community for Autism Facebook and Instagram page. This is an initiative to create an inclusive community who understands, accepts and supports the autistic community. We hope that everyone can play a part together, regardless of who you are.

Events Highlights

This competition is opened to autistic individuals of any age. The winning logo will be the profile picture of our social media platforms.

Colour up Facebook in support of Autism Awareness Month and learn more about Autism being a spectrum, like the rainbow.

Hear what Dr Daniel Leong, representative from AIM High (a peer support group for autistic adults with Level 1 support needs) has to say. Also watch animation video by Ariz Safiyy, an 11 year autistic child, to mark beginning of World Autism Awareness Month.

Autistic panelist will address the common perceptions and misrepresentations of autism.

Get to know what the autistic community and their family members really feel and think about autism.

Share a picture that give you a gleam in the eyes and learn about how some autistic persons pay extra details than global perception in what they see.

Get to know what the autistic community and their family members really feel and think about support that they want or hope for.

Learn how the non-verbal autistic children communicate in their day to day lives.

Learn how to make a quick and eye pleasing dessert from autistic students in Lemme Learn.

A discussion of challenges, support systems and friendships as experienced by autistic individuals and their  peers.

This event marks the official closing of the My Community for Autism Programme in the month of April. Watch amazing performances by The Outdoor Inclusive Classroom and student volunteers from various universities. E-booklet compilation of stories and events during this programme will be launched.