iKurnia is the first free online course on autism in Malay develop by GENIUS Kurnia’s own team. This course aims to provide information and training on the latest, accurate and evidence-based practice to parents, teachers, therapists, and the community. iKurnia consists of iKurnia MOOC (online course) and iKurnia LIVE (e-workshop). iKurnia’s development is the creativity and expertise of GENIUS Kurnia’s staff internally. It is offered on the OpenLearning, Udemy and Youtube platforms. 

iKurnia encourages flexible learning; participants can access this course anywhere and anytime as long they have internet access. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn more about autism.You will acquire both knowledge and skill to teach your child or student.

Basic Facts on Autism

Provides basic information on autism

What is autism?
  • What is autism?
  • Understanding the characteristics of autism
  • Public’s view on autism
Getting autism diagnosis
  • Autism screening
  • Steps in getting diagnosis
  • The process of getting a diagnosis
  • The importance of a diagnosis
Early intervention service
  • What is early intervention?
  • The importance of evidence based practice for autism
  • Examples of evidence based practice for autism

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Basic Facts on  Early Intervention

Provides information on  early intervention in helping children with autism

Toilet Training
  • Introduction to toilet training
  • Toilet training readiness
  • Preparation for toilet training
  • Teaching toilet training to children with autism
  • Challenges in toilet training
Behaviour Modification
  • Why children with autism demonstrate challenging behaviour?
  • Identifying the causes of challenging behaviour
  • Managing challenging behaviour
Requesting Skills
  • Introduction to requesting skills
  • Teaching requesting skills
  • Providing opportunities for requesting
  • Prompting procedures in requesting skills
Structured Teaching
  • Introduction to structured teaching
  • Principles of structured teaching
  • Structured work system

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Live broadcast of weekend workshop and public talks at GENIUS Kurnia. 

Recorded broadcast available on  GENIUS Kurnia Youtube channel.

All workshops  notes are available on Openlearning iKurnia LIVE.

Trainings and workshops covered various topic on autism.

Weekend workshop topics
  • Understanding autism and sensory issues
  • Behaviour management
  • Adaptive skills
  • Toilet training
  • Communication skills
  • Visual strategies
  • Play and social skills
  • Structured work system
  • Writing skills
  • Pre academic skills

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Awards and Achievement
  1. The Aspirational Product Winner for the Prime Minister’s Department Innovation Award (2017).
  2. The Third Place in Service Delivery Innovation (Design Category), the Prime Minister’s  Department Innovation Award (2017).
  3. Gold Medal in Teaching and Learning Innovation Carnival, National University of Malaysia (2017).
  4. Silver Medal in Teaching and Learning Innovation Carnival, National University of Malaysia (2017).
  5. Gold Medal in Research and Innovation Week Competition organized by Terengganu University of Malaysia, Sultan Zainal Abidin University and Kuala Terengganu Science and Creativity Centre (2017)
International Conference
  1. Community Education on Autism Using iKurnia MOOC. International Conference on Special Education in Southeast Asia Regional, Faculty of Education, State University of Malang, January 2017.

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