1How to enroll in GENIUS Kurnia?
  1. Your child must get a diagnosis from the GENIUS Kurnia’s panel of specialists. For a list of these specialists, please click.
  2. The medical officer will refer your child to GENIUS Kurnia by faxing a form with your child’s details to us.
  3. There is a long waiting list to enter GENIUS Kurnia. When your child’s turn comes up, we will contact you.
2What are the services offered in GENIUS Kurnia?
    GENIUS Kurnia provide services in :

  1. Early intervention programme
  2. Pre-school programme
  3. Community education programme
3What are the requirements for an admission to GENIUS Kurnia?
  1. Children aged between 2 to 6 years old.
  2. Diagnosed with autism by GENIUS Kurnia’s panel of specialists.
  3. Referred to GENIUS Kurnia by one of the specialists on our panel.


4Where is the location of GENIUS Kurnia?

GENIUS Kurnia Centre is located at Jalan Sentul Perdana, Sentul Kuala Lumpur.

Waze/Google Map: Pusat GENIUS Kurnia

5How much is GENIUS Kurnia's fee?

GENIUS Kurnia’s services are FREE. However, parents are invited to make a monthly contribution to cover for expenses in purchasing teaching materials, stationery and toys. The amount of the monthly contribution depends on parents’ income and the programme the child is enrolled in. 

6If my child is not able to enroll in GENIUS Kurnia, what other services can I get?

GENIUS Kurnia provides community based education via online service through iKurnia. This can be accessed via the OpenLearning or Udemy platform. Besides this, weekend trainings for the community is held in GENIUS Kurnia once a month. If you are unable to attend the training, you can view the live streaming on GENIUS Kurnia Youtube page. Please like our Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest updates.

If you would like to request for external services (e.g training), you can apply by sending an email to us. For more information, please click.

7Does GENIUS Kurnia offer diagnostic services?

GENIUS Kurnia does not offer diagnosis service to children who are suspected of having autism. If you want to get an autism diagnosis for your child, you can make an appointment with a developmental pediatrician or a child psychiatrist either in the government or the private hospitals. For a list of GENIUS Kurnia’s panel of specialists, please click.

8How to join workshops in GENIUS Kurnia?

GENIUS Kurnia organizes a weekend workshop once a month. It is conducted on Sundays in Dewan Anugerah, GENIUS Kurnia. This workshop is open to public and can be streamed online via YouTube GENIUS Kurnia.

There are various topics included in these workshops such as understanding autism, behavior management, early communication skills and others. Any latest updates on can be accessed through GENIUS Kurnia’s website, Facebook and Instagram. Registration can be done via online through the link provided. 

9What approach do GENIUS Kurnia use?

GENIUS Kurnia applies evidence-based practices, such as applied behaviour analysis, visual support, social story etc.

To learn more about these evidence-based practices, please click.

10Does GENIUS Kurnia operates like school?

GENIUS Kurnia  is an early intervention center.  Early intervention is a support program for children with special needs. The purpose of this program is to improve childrens’ skills to an optimum level according to the their abilities. Our main goal is to prepare them for school while maintaining their level of independence.

GENIUS Kurnia early intervention programme is provided once a week, two hours per session. While our pre-school programme runs daily from Monday to Friday. There is also parent counseling once a week by a visiting psychologist.