About Be My Friend Playgroup

  • An Inclusive playgroup that gives children with autism the opportunity to play with typically developing peers
  • Aims to promote awareness of diversity while increasing the acceptance spirit among communities about autism
  • A play programme initiated by parents and interventionists at GENIUS Kurnia Centre
  • Be My Friend Playgroup adapts The Integrated Play Group (IPGs) play model

 How Be My Friend Playgroup runs?

  • There are four play sessions that encourage each child to play together, accept and support their differences
  • Children with autism play with typical peers under the guidance of adult facilitators
  • Fun play sessions are tailored according to children’s interests, abilities and needs

“Play is the work child”


– Maria Montessori

Saturday Playgroup

    • Held on Saturday
    • Children with autism are from the GENIUS Kurnia centre while typical children are from communities around Kuala Lumpur
    • Typical children’s involvement is recruited via Be My Friend Playgroup Facebook
    • Parents of children with autism act as facilitators during play session

School Playgroup

    • Aims to improve social and play skills of children with autism before they enroll in primary schools
    • Involves collaboration between GENIUS Kurnia and neighboring schools
    • Fosters deeper friendship bond among children with autism and typical peers

Be My Friend Campaign

    Holds a campaign at primary schools nearby GENIUS Kurnia Center

    • Aims to promote diversities in individuals among pupils in primary schools nearby GENIUS Kurnia Centre
    • Shares interactive activities via story-telling, role play and quizzes sessions for pupils to learn how to reach out and be a friend to children with special needs