Is there any opportunity for hands-on learning in GENIUS Kurnia?

Attachment Programme Information:
  1. Applicants must fill up and submit the attached application form to the GENIUS Kurnia at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the attachment programme.
  2. Applicants must prepare a proposal outlining the proposed job scope for their attachment programme in GENIUS Kurnia.
  3. Applicants are required to provide a verified student status document/an employment verification letter from their supervisor or employer.
  4. Applicants are also required to prepare insurance cover letter from their employee or university.
  5. In order for your application to be processed, all required documents must be submitted to Director of GENIUS Kurnia via email to [email protected] or [email protected].
  6. Applicants will be contacted to set up an appointment for discussion and approval.
  7. Rules during attachment programme in GENIUS Kurnia:
  • Please wear attire which complies to the GENIUS Kurnia’s dress code.
  • Applicants are not allowed to take pictures of student in GENIUS Kurnia without written permission from parents.
  • Applicants are not allowed to take any tools or books from GENIUS Kurnia except the notes or brochures that are given.
  • Record daily attendance by using the employees’ time recorder machine.
  • Never forget to wear name tag during the period of the attachment programme.
  • Should execute every task as has been agreed during an earlier discussion.
  • If the attachment is related to an early intervention and pre-school programme, applicants must carry out interventions according to GENIUS Kurnia’s practice (you are not allowed to use other approaches except GENIUS Kurnia practice like sell supplement to parents).

8. Any acts regarding the disclosure of information on GENIUS Kurnia or conducting activities or interventions or  giving supplements to student without permission from the Director of GENIUS Kurnia will be punished.

9. Applicants must sign the agreement form before starting their attachment programme in GENIUS Kurnia.