||  Autism is a neurological disorder which impacts the areas of development such as social communication, social interaction, repetitive and restrictive behaviour.  ||

Autism Characteristics

Children with autism have difficulty in communicating and understanding non-verbal communication such as facial expressions.

Children with autism also have difficulty in establishing and maintaining social interaction with other people. Hence, children with autism are often seen to be in their own world.

Children with autism may have repetitive and stereotyped body movements such as spinning and hand flapping. They are comfortable with the same routines and dislike changes.

Every child with autism has different autism conditions which is known as the spectrum. Each child with autism faces his/her own challenges and at the same time shows his/her unique strengths.

Challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour like tantrums is often associated with children with autism. Some of these children have difficulties understanding what is happening around them. Some of them are unable to communicate their needs, feelings or pain. Thus, resulting in challenging behavior.

Early intervention as the solution

It help children with autism achieve optimal development in various aspects such as communication, social, behaviour and pre academic skills. They will be able to manage their daily living activities independently and overcome most obstacle in their lives.


Weekly Report of Morbidity and Mortality established by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention 27 April 2018.

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Are all children with autism gifted or talented?

Percentage of children with autism who also have intellectual disability (IQ below 70)


IQ classification

31% have IQ scores below 70 Children with autism who have below average of autism.
25% have IQ scores between 71 to 85 Children with autism in this category has intelligence that is the same level as their typically developing peers.
44% have IQ scores above 85 Children with autism who have below average intelligence
Slightly less than 10% have IQ above 110 Children with autism in this category show high intellectual capacity